Shut it

Everyone has heard it.

Some simply wouldn’t care

But others could be deeply

Scarred for life.

— it’s the diss in the dark

behind the back of the gal

who’s got the luck

or probably the scoff that i heard

amid the scream of applause.

It’s on the tip of our tongue.

I know,

Everyone has said it too.

(Photo taken from Pixabay.)



Would you wish for the sun to set?

So they will never see all the flaws you kept

Hiding in the ruins of thy tattered soul

Trying to escape every distant call

No room for your radical opinions

Nor mind to grasp a reticent disposition

Though in darkness they shall never see

But would you wish for the sun to set eternally?

(Photo taken from Pixabay.)

coast isn’t clear

Can we ever run away from the touch of the pouring rain?

Today, the pavement is my realm

Clutching an umbrella as if it is my lance

Standing on this shed i call my fortress

Prepare for a war; I am your enemy

Prepare for a war; you are a fiend

And the ever ready friend to strike a blow

In the form of water bullets falling from the sky

Like cats and dogs longing to reach the ground

The clouds had cried though you are the tear

That would be the cell in my prison, dear

You are the labyrinth i can never escape

Tell me, when can you not detain me?

(Photo taken from Pixabay.)

Laundry Day

Every Saturday, i would chase the sunshine hoping the brief scorch and passing crisp wind could dry the cottons that hung low on the rusted wires.

One Saturday morning, i woke up from the blasting voice of my mom. Heard some yelling and thought someone was having an argument.

However, that was not the case, no, no one was arguing with someone —relief washed over me, thankful that nothing serious was going on outside— but I, apparently, still haven’t started washing our clothes.

To stop my mom’s sermon, I did the laundry that weekend and on the next weekend and on the next. Countless weekends have passed yet i’m still the one who washes our dirty clothes and thus, Saturday became my “laundry day.”

In the middle of laundry, i would take a time off and water the plants on our mini garden. The seldom blare of honk in my back — our house is located on the corner of the street —was aggravating to say the least, but the sunlight filtering through the branches and leaves of our small tree, resting on the green leaves of the plants was a sight to see.

Maybe it’s good to live this kind of life—simple and serene. I would definitely miss these artless events in my life that i would certainly look back to 10 years from now.

(Photo taken from Pixabay.)


Maybe if you look closely, you’ll notice how swift a dew—one that was made by the nipping midnight breeze—falls to the ground as the placid leaf fails to keep it from its grasp. Some ends up flying high into the air because of the intimidation they felt from the glaring sun. Maybe if you stare longer, you’ll witness everything.

(Photo taken from pinterest.)